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The World of George Zaharoff

Birthday Surprise!

My birthday was on the 11th of April, but I wanted to share this beautiful cake the team at chez Zaharoff had made for me.

I love LOVE sock monkeys - every detail was there, from the buttons, the argyle - even the cap had the texture of woven yarn.

The bottom layer had white cake with strawberry mousse (yum!), the middle had chocolate with chocolate mouse (double yum!) - but the cap was the pièce de résistance: red velvet (I ate the cap in one sitting).

Happy birthday to those celebrating in April!


New Beginnings!

It has been 440 days since I last wrote a blog entry.  I can't believe how quickly time flies - so many things have happened since I last wrote to you.  I am told people don't read blogs anymore; there's no time.  Instead, I am going to post snapshots of my world alongside the occasional blog.

I will talk more about it soon, but this picture of Joe Kelly is one of my favs - I thought I would share it with you...


The Cost of Private Jet Travel

Luxury in the sky: Gulfstream VI

Today I received the current pricing on private jet travel for the month (it fluctuates depending on the price of gas) and thought I would share it with you.  Below is a rough estimate.  If you purchase in blocks of 50 or 100 hours at a time, then the company will give you an hour for every 25.  Once purchased, the price per hour is locked-in regardless of the price of gas.  With a company like NetJets, you actually get a fractional ownership, whole different story.

In this example, purchase 25 hours and the company will give one hour free.  Fifty hours will gift 3 free. It all depends on the company.  What happens if you want to switch to a bigger or smaller private aircraft? Then it's a matter of ratios. For example using "MidsizeJet" 1 hour = 1 hour (1 to 1), you wish to go to Europe and need a bigger jet, the fabulous Falcon 900, which is almost double the price per hour, would then be 1 to 1.8 or 1 hour = .56 hour

These prices include pilot and flight attendant(s) depending on aircraft type.  The clock starts ticking the moment the doors close to the moment the doors open.  If there's a two-hour taxi wait for a 1 1/2 hour trip from Chicago to New York, it gets deducted (better to leave/arrive from a non-congested airport).  Included are sodas and light snacks - meals and alcohol are extra.  Here's some other costs, re-positioning charges are common. In some cases, if you are in Milwaukee and in need of an airplane immediately, but the closest one is in Chicago or Des Moines, the meter starts when the doors shut to get the plane to Milwaukee.  This isn't for someone who is constantly looking at his watch.

If you decide you want a G-IV, G-V, or G-VI (the largest and fastest private jet in the world, by the way), it will cost you more, of course.  Corporations use these because sometimes it is cheaper to fly 10 executives round-trip to Europe as opposed to 10 first class tickets at $100,000 total.  Also, one can save money by finding an "empty leg."  Say for example someone wants to fly from New York to London.  The plane might end up being flown back to New York empty.  If you are flexible, it is possible to hitch a ride on an "empty leg" at a fraction of the cost.

Here's the cost (below), interiors change.  I've put a typical route the plane would fly next to each name.  Will that be cash, cheque or charge?

July 2012

25 Hour Block Time

HAWKER 400XP: 25 hours $114,000

Maximum Range: 1,600 nm (Chicago-Las Vegas)

LIGHTJET: 25 hours $109,000

Maximum Range: 1,300 nm (New York-Miami)

HAWKER 800XP: $139,000

Maximum Range: 2,600 nm (Washington DC-Los Angeles)

MIDSIZEJET: 25 hours $131,000

Maximum Range: 4,100 nm (Washington DC - Zurich)

CITATION X: 25 hours $199,000

Maximum Range: 3,100 nm (Los Angeles - Bermuda)

HEAVYJET: 25 hours $229,000

Maximum Range: 4,200 nm (Miami-Rio de Janeiro)

(Heavy jets include Challenger 601,604, GIII, Falcon 900)

What Defines A Social Media Superstar?

By Guest Author, Maureen Jacobs 

There seems to be a lot of lists going around regarding top social media superstars.  There is a list for women, a list for men, a list for top fashionistas, a list for top Facebook Fan Pages, and I thought I saw a list of top social media lists worth reading.

So I ask myself, what makes a "social media superstar?" Does it go by followers, by following, by having a verified account, for having a high reputation score, or is it simply a popularity contest? Going through the lists, I noticed some of my faves absent.  In no particular order, where is @momsofamerica? how about @teeco71?  Why isn't @emtalkery there?  Did anyone see @anntran_?   Perhaps @thethread crossed your line of sight, well @jeffrago is there, he has to be! 

Don't get me wrong, many of those people on any given list, earned their spot on the list or lists. But what I don't understand is the process of it all.  How are these lists compiled?  Is there an equation such as followers squared divided by following cubed plus number of pets they have and throw some lists on top?  

In my world, it is difficult to define the line between promoting my cause or causes, and being real and engaging.  I try very hard to be personal without being nosy, chatty without being Cathy, and even maintain friendships with many of my 'twibe'.  On the other hand, social media is fundamental to marketing a brand, in this case yourself. 

Moving on to the next question, which social media outlet is the best?  Should you use one or twenty - one?  Is there one preferable over the other?  Which ones are the best for me, my business, my image, my brand?  

Recently, I spoke with an employee of a top Management Software company that is scrambling to create a department that strictly deals with social media.  Using Twitter, Facebook, and a plethora of other outlets to keep up with the ever changing world of consumerism.

Furthermore, social engagement increases brand recognition, grabs a wider audience, and by keeping the conversation going, it goes far beyond what a print ad can do.  With social media, you can feel closer to your brand, be in contact with the company, and believe it or not, you can get much better customer service.  

So what makes a social media superstar?  You tell me.

The Future of Colour #trends #fashion

It's that time of year when all the trends come out - the most important one is the colour trend.  Colour plays a huge part in our lives, from what colour you will put on your walls to what you will be wearing next year.  The colours are decided years in advance and then the dyes are given to the mills, the mills dye the yarns and it makes it's way to the designers who then designs the clothing.  The clothing hits the runways, which are bought by the stores and ultimately make their way into your closet.  It's a huge global machine. 

As you can see, we are getting into cobalts (blues) and interesting shades of red (as in board four, first row, first colour, called Amaranth) - notice on the first board, top second row is another shade of red called "flame" -

My Life with Piccolo - 3 Years Later

It's been three years since I brought my little boy home...actually tomorrow will be three years to the day.  As I have written in my one year and two year posts, it's unbelievable how quickly time flies, an eye-blink.

Piccolo goes cross-country

Every single day it gets better and better and I can't believe how much happiness one little creature could bring to my life.  He has gotten smarter and more mature.  What amazes me so much is how he listens and obeys commands; except when it comes to his only weakness - food.  Any way he can get his little paws on food he does it.  His eyes get glossed over, his pupils dilate, and he becomes this other creature.  I once caught him sneaking, slowly, moving towards my plate, ever so carefully and quietly, between my body and my arm and the table. I only caught him because I saw this little nose on the corner of my eye. He is very slick and unbelievably smart. 

Piccolo goes with me just about everywhere, he seems to relax me - there's something soothing about having this breathing creature around.  His little body emits a tremendous amount of pure energy - imagine a heating pad without the electricity.  Esthetically, he looks like he came to life out of a painting or sculpture, so elegant and beautiful. 

Looking back, highlights of the year are numerous, from walking miles and miles with him during the summer to the almost monthly jaunts to the vet to his sock monkey beds.  Did I mention Piccolo has a very particular stomach even though his mouth will put any kind of food into it?  The smallest little thing will upset his g.i. tract; he goes through more Pepcid than anyone I know.  Other than that, he's a diamond.

Fat-free whipped cream for his royal highness every morning.

Every morning, I take Piccolo to Starbucks I get my iced coffee and Mr. P. gets a small fat-free whipped cream which he woofs down (excuse the pun).  He then comes with me to the office or to day camp.  Note the monkey bed - I found this one bed at Walgreen's back in July this year and at first he thought it was a giant squeaky toy.  Then it became his favourite bed out of all the ten beds strategically located around the house.  When I went back to the store, the beds were sold out - then I went to five surrounding stores (and even checked when I traveled to other cities) - the beds were sold out everywhere.  In August, Walgreen's had the beds again, this time double the price; I bought the entire inventory of the surrounding stores and replaced his other beds with sock monkey beds.  Ten are on reserve.

In September, I took Piccolo with me to a "bark-up" in Seattle - it was great and the people in the Northwest were incredibly gracious.  He was even made a cake by The Dining Dog ( in celebration of his 3rd birthday - made of oat flour, peanut butter, yogurt, carrots & egg, it was great! The owner made one big cake for all the twenty-some pooches that had showed up to the bark-up (left) and one small one for me to take back (right).


It's twenty minutes before 2011 closes.  Piccolo is on his sock monkey bed, which is beside me as I type this.  Looking back, I count my blessings for a wonderful year - and look forward to two things, less visits to the vet and many more beautiful experiences with my little pooch.

Ten Types of Coats for Women

Top Ten Types of Womens Coat

While working on the \zed\ Zaharoff Collection for November 2011, I wanted to make it "Coat Month" - There are about fifty types of coats and then if you mix and match it, you get a zillion hybrids.  So here's some different pieces, not in particular order:

#1 The Wrap Coat


Very popular, a true wrap coat would not have buttons, but this two were designed to have buttons.  Very popular now is the Shabby-Chic look to have faux or real fur ([left] this one is faux fox) on the lapel with faux or real fur/feather cuffs (in this left picture, faux ostrich feather cuffs).  The wrap coat on the right comes with a ruffle collar.

#2 Military

Another classic, the military has inspired many women's and men's coats and jackets.  This one has the beautiful lines of

#3 The Camel Coat

A classic - and it's NOT dad's camel coat.  The camel coat has been redesigned to be fashionable and chic.

#4 Fit and Flare/Cape

Fit and Flare is a unique type of coat from the 1950s and although I've seen this look before, I never gave it label.  I never thought about it this look before.  It is fit on the top and then flares out.  This would be something similar to a cape coat, but the top is fitted. 

#5 Paletot

The Paletot is from the 1830s that peasants wore over their clothing and slowly it became a very popular item in the early 1900s.  If you look closely at this coat, the front is an entire piece.  There is no seam - it goes from the shoulder to the pocket but stops there.  A Paletot is more common than one would think.

#6 Car Coat (Parka)

The Car Coat is a classic, with a length extending to the length of the thigh, with buttons or a zipper - it's called a car coat because it's a coat that is easy to go into and out of a car easier. 

#7 Double Breasted Coat

The double-breasted coat is self-explainatory.  When Henry VIII broke off from the Catholic church, he also wanted to break away from anything French.  He wanted his tailors to come up with a new way of dress - hence the birth of tailored clothing.  The double-breasted look was used in a naval reefer uniform.

#9 The Trench Coat

The trench coat was invented by Burberry - a design submitted to the British Royal Navy.  The above picture is a deviation of the trench coat.

#10 The Pea Coat

Another inspiration from the military the pea coat is very popular with both men and women.

EXTRA: Duffle or Toggle Coat

The toggle or duffle coat, owes it's popularity to the British Royal Navy during WWI.  The original comes with wood or buffalo bone (left).  There are varieties such as the one pictured on the left with metal hooks or snaffle.  What is a snaffle?  If you read this blog, you should already know.


Fashion Insider: What is a Snaffle?

I decided to share with you things I learn as I walk on my path in the fashion world.  Knowing what your doing is key (right?).  Little things like this one makes one more aware of the world around them. Here's one of them:

We see something similar to this on our Gucci or Ferragamo shoes, but what's it called?

Snaffle:  A simple bit, typically a jointed one, used with a single set of reins.

So below is a type of coat, called a duffle coat, with snaffles:  

You might have one in your closet 

Travel Diary: Maldives

Maldives: Little tiny islands in the Indian Ocean by the Equator.


This is where my mind goes when I fantasize about getting away; words cannot describe the beauty of the Maldives.  Not only of the island but the people as well.  Imagine growing up on a island where the village is the island - instead of taking the bus to school, a public boat comes to take the kids.  Water is a part of your daily life from the moment you are born from playing in the sand as a toddler to using a wooden board to surf as a teenager, the water is your life.

The Maldives was elusive to me for many years.  The reason why I say this is because I would have business in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and would always want to go for a week-end to Male, its' capital.  But it isn't as easy as going to Los Angeles and doing a jaunt to San Francisco.

Malé Airport, the main airport for the Maldives, is its' own island, Hulhulé Island, located on the North Malé Atoll.  Malé (pronounced 'mar-lay') the city, its capital, is adjacent to the airport on a different island.

Malé was formally called Mahal, which means "most important island" and "where the king resides" in Sanskrit. It was the King's Island from where the ancient Maldive Royal dynasties ruled and where the palace was located for over 2000 years of its' history. 

Malé, the concrete city, every inch of space is accounted, behind it, its' airport MLE.

The modern Malé looks like a concrete city, which is only 2km by 1km!  It's the capital city of the Maldives and the center of its' administrative functions.  Then the country spreads out to all these little atolls, or groups of islands (imagine an atoll being a state, like Illinois, each having a capital, Springfield, Malé is the equivalent to the US's Wasthington DC).  Only 74,000 people inhabit the Maldives!  The only way to get anywhere is by slow or speed boat or by water plane/taxi.

The Maldives is known for its surf and incredible sea life and it attracts all kinds of tourists, from the well-heeled traveler to the long blonde haired/blue eyed wavers.

You can't just arrive at Malé Airport and have no plans.  If you did, Malé's relatively few hotels are constantly packed with airline crew and tourists.  The city itself is packed with buildings, narrow streets and, of course, smog.

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa one of two Four Seasons resorts in the country

Finally when I did decide to go there, for the first time, I decided to stay at the Four Seasons in Kuda Huraa, which is a quite far from the airport (about one hour away by speed boat at a cost USD$150.00 per person one way).  Some resorts, like the Four Seasons Landaa Givaavaru are much farther away, requiring a sea plane from the airport.

I was the first one out of customs, but I had to wait for everyone who was staying at the hotel to come out.  They were all honeymooners, mostly Australian and Japanese couples, except for me.  I was also the only American.  Getting to the Maldives requires either a transfer in the Middle East or SE Asia, and including the time for transfers, thirty plus hours on an airplane.  Most Americans, understandably, prefer spending less time on an airplane and more time in the sun, and travel to closer (and less expensive) resorts in Mexico and Caribbean. 

Getting on the sea boat, all passengers had to put on life preservers for the one hour ride to the hotel.  It was pitch dark and really couldn't see anything for the exception of the bright lights of Malé from a distance.  (On the way back, by the way, our boat came to a screeching halt throwing us all forward - we almost hit a fishing barge with no lights).

Sunset Bungalow (left) me soaking in the tube (right)

The hotel itself was beautiful and my room was my own little bungalow with a private pool and private beach.  Everything was available from the big plasma TV to a bed so plush you didn't want to get out.  The good thing was there wasn't a thing to do if you didn't want to.  And if you did, there were plenty of activities the hotel could provide for you.

Island spa (left) my room (right)

There was a little island about fifteen minutes away from the hotel which was the spa (pictured above left).  I decided to get a  full day package which included two people doing the massage, four hands, in synch.  It was incredible.  During the massage, you would look down into the water and see the fish and other colourful sea life.

For secutiry (in case of fire or a tsunami), the hotel has provided life vest, whistles, and flashlights in each room as well as a "gathering place" everyone would go to and meet in the unlikely event something were to occur.

A coconut tree - careful from falling coconuts!

The staff was very very nice and individuals were happy to talk about their country and their lives in the Maldives.  Whilst sitting out reading a book, I heard a "clunk" - a coconut fell from the palm tree!  This never happened to me and it was exciting.  I took it and tried to open it with a knife from the room.  It was a struggle and a gentleman from the hotel was walking right by the beach in front of me and saw me and my project.  He told me to hold on a minute and went and got a huge coconut knife and opened it for me, let me drink the water and cut pieces of its' "meat" as the white pieces are called.

The inside and out of a coconut - the inside also contains fresh coconut water.

One young man told me as a kid he would find a piece of a bark fallen from a palm tree and use it to surf.  Also, instead of getting on a bus to go to school, he would take a boat every morning.  Just so fun how life is different for people all over the world.

Pros:  Very exclusive, very posh, very (fill in the blank)
Cons: Very far, transfer to Male for the day was USD$100.00 one way and had to be reserved in advance, and very, very expensive.

My Dreams. My Passions. My Life.
             Lifestyle Creator and Mens Designer George Zaharoff

Turbo Tagger

Oct 1st: The Birth of \zed\ Zaharoff

Vermillian Pea Coat

I have been thinking about this blog entry for a couple of weeks.  Words can't explain the flush of emotions when I think about \zed\ Zaharoff.  It was a childhood dream of mine - the earliest memories is of showing my mother a Zaharoff boutique, I must have been four years old...all I remember it was drawn in red crayon.

\zed\ Zaharoff is Zaharoff's "diffusion collection" - diffusion is a more affordable collection of a design house.  It was entirely inspired by my group of friends on social media.  Sharing with them the design process of the various Zaharoff collections throughout the years - the opening price points would start at over $1000.  \zed\ Zaharoff was developed so that more people could enjoy what Zaharoff was all about - exceptional FABRICS, exceptional QUALITY and exceptional PRICE.

Designing for women is very very different than designing for men.  The texture of fabrics, the prints, and the cuts are much more intricate.  Women's clothing (at least for \zed\) accentuates the best parts of a woman, her bust and her, ahem, rear - and tries to make the waist look thinner.  My Zaharoff woman looks and feels like a million dollars.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

\zed\ Zaharoff uses some of the best mills in Italy and France, mostly jersey wool blends for stretch and durability.  I wanted to make sure these pieces were first-class in every respect except for one, the price.  The only way I could do this is direct-to-consumer.  By keeping overhead low, I get beautiful pieces that would typically cost triple if we had a \zed\ Zaharoff store.

We live in an era where what I call "throw away" fashion is a commonplace.  You pay $50 for a pair of trousers, wear it for one season and then after a couple of dry cleanings, it gets tossed.  I wanted \zed\ Zaharoff to be something where you would be able to pass it down to another generation.  Don't take my words for it, experience it for yourself.




Contact: Giuseppe Longo




Luxury Blog Fashion + Class & Jet Lag Collaborates With Fashion Designer George Zaharoff At Select Nordstrom Stores


Luxury blog fashion + class & jet lag is pleased to announce sponsorship of a nationwide tweet-up, collaborating with mens/womenswear designer George Zaharoff which will be held at select Nordstrom locations. Wanting to showcase Zaharoff's Mens Fall/Winter 2011 Collection, Nordstrom will be the location for the first ever in-store tweet-ups in key mainline stores.  Happening on Saturday evenings in select cities during the end of September/beginning of October, the tweet-ups will occur right after Mr. Zaharoff's daytime personal appearances.

The personal appearances will be open to Nordstrom's customers, which then will be immediately followed by the specific social media in-store events, geared heavily toward those who are signed-up with Twitter. The social media part, to take place on the sales floor, will be sponsored by fashion + class & jet lag, hosted personally by Editor and Writer Giuseppe Longo. George Zaharoff will be present for meet-and-greet. Limited gift bags will be handed out.

Taking marketing and social media to the next level, Zaharoff and fashion + class & jet lag are reaching out directly and personally to everyone in the "twittersphere," having been inspired by many months of engagement with members on Twitter. This will be the first time a retailer, fashion brand and luxury blog have combined forces to spotlight a designer's collection within three key markets - Seattle, Chicago, and Washington DC.  George Zaharoff says, "These are going to be very special tweet-ups as well as fun and casual.  Just to be able to introduce myself and the collection to people we chat with on an almost daily basis is awesome."  Giuseppe Longo agrees, "This is the future of marketing - social media. And doing this innovative collaboration with George and Nordstrom is going to be exciting. The best part will be meeting everyone and also tweeting with them."


The dates are as follows at the following Nordstrom stores:

    -Seattle Bellevue Square: September 24

    -Washington, DC Pentagon City: October 1

    -Chicago Michigan Avenue: October 8


The tweet-up events will be from 4 PM until 7 PM, immediately following the Zaharoff's seasonal personal appearances. They are looking forward to having everyone online join the fun. Twitter handles are as follows: fashion + class & jet lag (@FashionClassJet), George Zaharoff (@Zaharoff), Nordstrom (@Nordstrom). Also, the designated hash tag that has been assigned for the tweet-ups: #ZLive

Nordstrom is an American retailer based out of Seattle, Washington which has over 120 doors coast-to-coast. George Zaharoff is a mens and womenswear designer under the "Zaharoff" label selling to select Nordstrom and specialty stores throughout the country. Fashion + class & jet lag ( is a New York City based luxury blog that covers exclusivity and elegance within fashion, culture, and travel.



If you'd like more information about these events please contact Giuseppe Longo at or Letitia Watson of Zaharoff at 312.624.9633

The Business of Colours

The Business of Colour

Last month, in New York City, I attended the first showing for the Fall 2012 fabric season, at what is called Premiere Vision.  Some of the biggest mills where there showcasing their pre-Fall 2012 swatches.  The real kick off happens at Premiere Vision in Paris in September for Fall 2012 (and February 2013 for Spring 2014) and then three days later in Milan (followed by Sao Paolo and Hong Kong). 

              Spring/Summer 2012 Colours































Above, the colours for S/S 2012 (do not have permission to post F/W 2012)


As I walked in the old Altman building, where the venue was held, I was immediately greeted by some of the salesmen from the Italian mills Zaharoff does business with.  Between the two huge rooms was a smaller room, on the bare wall, twenty squares of different colours, the colours of the season – “honeysuckle” “coral” “lime”.  These are what will trickle down over the next couple of years into other sectors of the economy besides clothing, from furniture to automobiles. 

“It’s not just blue, it's not turquoise, it's not lapis, it's actually cerulean.” – Miranda Priestly

In “The Devil Wears Prada”, Miranda was telling Andy about the colour of her “cerulean” (shade of blue) sweater.  “It’s not just blue, it's not turquoise, it's not lapis, it's actually cerulean.” And then Miranda goes on to talk about how it trickles down from couture to the bins of Casual Corner – and the countless jobs and millions of dollars in commerce involved.  She is absolutely correct.

Fashion touches just about everything in the world around us, from colours and patterns, textures and silhouettes.   The Pantone colour guide came about in 1962.  The late 1970s gave rise to the designer, the likes of Giorgio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein, Valentino and Gianni Versace.  The brown hues of Calvin Klein in the late 70s to the early 80s defined an era.  Versace was one of the pioneers in fabric, demanding from the Italian mills more and more intricate fabrics, brighter hues. 

 Pantone announces “Honeysuckle” Colour of the Year 2011 (2010’s? Turqouise)

It’s not just by chance when one season you see all pink and then the next, well, honeysuckle.  The yarns the mills work with have to be dyed, those dyes are made by global conglomerates.  The mills use these dyes for their fabrics, which designers choose for their collections and, finally, into stores all over the world.


Zargyle Design

This is what happens when I gets ants in my pants and try to re-work something that's already this case the argyle pattern, get it? Zaharoff + Argyle = Zargyle  So I thought I'd share with you the design process.  What the finished piece will look like is to be decided....

So this was my little dootle (top) and on the bottom you will see what the factory came back with, in cashmere....

This story is to be continued....

International Textile Fibre Codes & Translation


I have put this up so that it's easier for people in the business to be able to see what the compositions are of their fabrics.

CODE      ITALIANO               ENGLISH                ESPANOL                FRANCAIS               

AC            ACETATO                ACETATE                 ACETATO                ACETATE                
BF             BORO                      BORON                    BORO                     BORE                     
CA            CANAPA                  HEMP                       CÁÑAMO              CHANVRE         
CER          CERAMICA            CERAMICS             CERAMICA            CERAMIQUE          
CF             CARBONIO             CARBON                 CARBONO            CARBONE        
CO            COTONE                  COTTON                 ALGODÓN            COTON        
CS             CAPRA FINE           FINE GOAT             CABRITILLA FINA  CHEVRE FINE 
CU            CUPRO                    CUPRO                    CUPRO                   CUPRO            
EL             ELASTAN                ELASTOMER           ELASTOMERO      ELASTOMERE   
EL             GOMMA                  RUBBER                   GOMA                    GOMME           
GF            VETRO                    GLASS                      VIDRIO                   VERRE        
HA            PELO o CRINE        HAIR                         PELO                      POIL     
JU             JUTA                       JUTE                         JUTE                         JUTE            
LI              LINO                        LINEN                      LINO                      LIN            
LY            LYCRA                     LYCRA                     LYCRA                     LYCRA          
MD           MODAL                   MODAL                    MODAL                 MODAL              
ME           METALLO                LUREX                     METAL                    LUREX             
OF           ALTRE FIBRE          OTHER FIBRES       OTRAS FIB.             AUTRES FIBRES  
PA           POLIAMID.              POLYAMID               POLIAMIDE            POLYAMIDE    
PC          ACRILICA                 ACRYLIC                  ACRÍLICO              ACRYLIQUE  
PL           POLIESTERE            POLYESTER            POLIESTER              POLYESTER          
RA          RAMIE                       RAMIE                      RAMIO                   RAMIE               
SE           SETA                         SILK                         SEDA                        SOIE                    
SI            SISAL                      SISAL                        SISAL                       SISAL               
SIC         SILICE                       SILICON                   SILICE                    SILICE               
TA          TRIACETATO           TRIACETATE           TRIACETATO          TRIACETATE          
TV          TRIVINILICA            TRIVINYL                TRIVINILICO         TRIVINYL      
VI           VISCOSA                  VISCOSE                 VISCOSA                VISCOSE              
VY         VINILAL                    VINYLAL                   VINILO                  VINYLAL             
WA        ANGORA                   ANGORA                  ÁNGORA                ANGORA              
WB        CASTORO                 BEAVER                   CASTOR                  CASTOR            
WG        VIGOGNA                 VICUNA                    VICUÑA                 VIGOGNE        
WK       CAMMELLO              CAMELHAIR            CAMELLO              CHAMEAU
WL        LAMA                         LAMA                       LLAMA                    LAMA               
WM       MOHAIR                    MOHAIR                  ÁNGORA                 MOHAIR           
WO       LANA                         WOOL                      LANA                        LAINE               
WP       ALPACA                     ALPACA                  ALPACA                     ALPACA             
WS       CASHMERE               CASHMERE            CACHEMIRA            CACHEMIRE         
YK        YAK                            YAK                         YAK                           YAK                      

The Art of Conversation II: Names and Titles Among Strangers

90% Communication

It wasn't unusual for a wife to refer to her husband as "Mr. Jones" about a century ago. In today's society, customs and the way we refer to family and friends have changed considerably. Actually, the use of first names were restricted to children, between brothers and sisters, and perhaps (but only before their wedding day) by a girl and her fiancé.  Can you imagine this nowadays?  Maybe a child calling an elder "Mr. or Mrs." but that's about it.

It is custom to call your parents, mom or dad, but a stepparent with children, depending on the circumstances, it is in the children's power to call them by their first name. The most important thing is children should never be forced to call a stepparent "Mother" or "Father." If you are a stepparent, give your children the freedom and right to call you however they please.

There was a time when in a conversation with Friend A, to speak of absent friends by their first name was a no-no; it would have been seen as improper.  For example, I bump into my friend John and tell him what happened between Messrs. Brown and Smith - it would seem absurd nowadays. (By the way, instead of Mr. Andrew and Mr. Smith, you can say Messrs. Brown and Smith.)

So, who cares?  Who cares whether you call someone by their first name or Mr. or Mrs. or Dr.?  It matters.  Because the world is a mirror as to how you see yourself.  If you want respect you must show respect.  If you want respect you must respect yourself.  How you communicate is the number one way you show how much you respect yourself first, and others second.

It's 90% communication.

The Art of Conversation I: Names and Titles Among Strangers

Johnathan? John? Johnnie?

First names and titles of respect (Mr, Miss, Mrs, & Ms.) have become a painting of informality and confusion.  In this day and age, we don't show the respect to each other as we used to twenty years ago.

Up until the around the 1950s, people were still very formal and called even close acquaintances by their formal names.  Today, if I called my close friend Johnnie by his birth name, Jonathan, he would most likely feel uncomfortable and insist I call him Johnnie.

Generally speaking, when people call each other by their first names, it is an indication they have met before.  But what if you haven't? Depending on who it is you are being introduced to or to whom you're introducing yourself to, it will impact the manner in which you refer to him/her and, in return, the same towards you..

I remember calling on an editor, she answered the phone with a curt, "Anna Smith". I then went and said, "Hi Anna, my name is George Zaharoff..." she cut me off and said, "I'm sorry, this is Anna Smith, do I know you?" This was her way telling me she had not given me permission to call her "Anna" - I didn't flinch, "I apologize Ms. Smith, my manners went out the door..." and continued with my conversation.  I will say, this did leave an impression on me.

You are the gent, arriving for an appointment, how do you introduce yourself?

Many people don't put much thought about how they introduce themselves. The words you choose in these situations will set the stage of how you expect people to treat you.   If I have a meeting and upon entering an unfamiliar office, I say to the receptionist, "Good morning. My name is Mr. Zaharoff, I have a 9 o'clock appointment with Mr. Gold." (If I had an appointment with a doctor, then I would state his/her respective title, Doctor Gold.)  I still err on the good old days and say "Mister Zaharoff" because that would be most appropriate.

When in doubt, go formal and let the person you are speaking with give you permission to, "Oh please, call me George."

Rule of Thumb -

Mr.- Any male (1) who is an adult, (2) you don't know
Fr. or Father - Catholic or Orthodox clergyman
Pastor - Protestant clergyman
Rabbi - Jewish clergyman
Imam - Muslim clergyman
Dr. - Any male or female who is holds a PhD degree
Master - When addressing a male child less than 5 years old.
Mrs. - Married Female
Miss - Any female (1) who is an unmarried adult, (2) a young girl
Ms. - Any female who you don't know if she is married or single.

When in doubt....ask "how may I appropriately refer to you as?"

One of the Best Experiences of My Life

I took this picture around 1994 - the days when both British Airways and Air France would have Concorde service to London and Paris, respectively.  British Airways flight 002 would leave New York's Kennedy Airport at 3pm and arrive into London Heathrow three and a half hours later at 10pm.  I would lay awake in my hotel room because it was still six in the evening for me.  On the return, British Airways flight 001, the flight would leave London at 1pm and arrive into New York some four hours later at 8am - the same day!

People ask me what is one of the best memories I have in my life - the ones that come to mind are the ones when I was in the air.  The first time I experienced a take-off on Concorde was 1995, from JFK.  I was so giddy, I remember just giggling in my seat like a little boy, listening to Vivaldi's Four Seasons whilst looking out the tiny window.  Concorde wasn't an airplane, it was a jet - you would sink into your seat, first your back followed by your bottom.  The closest you would get to a fighter jet.


Those in the know would refer to Concorde as "Concorde" - without "the" before it.  Simply, "flying Concorde today?"

The French would call it "le Concorde" the le introducing the aircraft and capital C to distinguish it from the French word, concorde.

Share Your Personal Affirmation! Georgism Request!

This has finished, but leaving post....

Share Your Personal Affirmation

Attention my beautiful friends and colleagues -

Zaharoff has to make a new batch of Georgism labels and I thought to myself, "Why don't I ask my social media friends for their affirmations?" So here it is:

All of us have been through our own struggles and we use affirmations to get us through the hard times, I would love for you to let me share it to the world.  I will take your affirmation, place it on a label and then sew it into the inside linings of all Zaharoff men's, and now women's, suit and sport jackets.  Like this: 

I need affirmations that someone would look at in the morning and get energized, a blast of positivity and love.  What would you want to see in the lining of your jacket when you were getting ready for a big day?

Now -
  • I can only use TWENTY affirmations
  • It has to be short, not more than six or eight words long
  • MUST be original - your own.
  • The only "compensation" will be the joy of spreading the love around.  I will blog about your "Georgism" and state you are the author. 
Everyone's affirmation is going to be equally beautiful.  I am forever grateful for you sharing a part of yourself with me, remember I can only use around twenty affirmations and they have to be specific.

Let's have fun and share away!

With Love and Happiness,

The Intuitive Recognition of What We Wear

My earliest childhood memories is that of drawing Zaharoff boutiques with my crayons (I did!).  Zaharoff is not just another designer brand; but a lifestyle, bringing you into my dream world.  The clothing we all wear is seen by the human eye as an expression of self. What we wear reveals our personality. 

Zaharoff’s personality is revealed through passionate work ethic for the love of fashion, beauty, refinement; inspiration is unfolded within every texture and pattern with delicate, fine stitching combined with a marvelous choice of Italian fabrics.  The fabrics in the upcoming collections this Fall 2011 have been chosen and custom-tailored by devoted tailors that truly love their profession

Did you see the  Zaharoff Men's Vest that appeared in Sheer Magazine earlier last week?  If you didn't happen to see it you can catch a glimpse of the vest here: one it is just another vest, to us, it is our passion, our differentiation in the world of fashion.  

Everyday, in Every Way, I Get Better and Better #Georgism

Georgism #4

Each Zaharoff jacket has a little saying (above) there's 70 different sayings.

"Georgisms" are sayings I have written from the time I was 19 year old.  I have them strategically in different places where I can see them from time to time.  I wanted to share these "Georgisms" with those who share in my dream.  It's these little sayings that has given me the strength to follow my dream - and maybe a little bit of that will help with those following theirs.

This is one I learned very early in life.  My mother enrolled me in the Silva Mind Method when I was around 12 years old.  This is one of the very first things I can remember from those classes.

"Every day, in every way, I feel better and better" was the original quote, but I changed it to "get" because I wanted it to encompass everything, not just feel.

Every day, in every way, my Peace of MInd - my mental and physical health - spiritually, professionally, and my personal relationships get better and better with each passing day.

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